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$10, 000 reward

The Smith family of Farm Road, St Philip is tonight making a renewed appeal for anyone with information on the whereabouts of their missing mother to come forward and provide assistance.

As such, they have doubled the reward to $10,000 for anyone who provides information that leads to the safe return of 75-year-old Marcelle Smith, wife of former Lodge School principal Aurelius Smith.

“Somebody somewhere knows something. Barbados is small. Imagine if it was your mother, grandmother, wife or friend, how desperate you would be to find them. We need your help,” daughter Tanya Smith said.

She again stressed that her mother had not wandered off but was the victim of a crime.

Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith

“We have evidence of the crime that unfolded and an accurate timeline of event. The electronic footprint for our mother . . . has enabled us to do this. We know multiple people are involved,” Smith added.

She told Barbados TODAY her mother was not one to wander off and was a very devoted family woman.

“She has a very active social life. She loves to play Bridge. She has a lot of friends not just in Barbados but also around the world. She loves plants, she enjoys gardening and is very proud of her hanging baskets and she loves to cook. She loves her family.”

Smith described what a normal day was like for her mother. “She would get up, she would help my dad. She would talk to her friends and family, she would talk to them and she would play Bridge. She absolutely loved it. She’s has a regular routine which fits around our family. She does the grocery shopping and so on,” the daughter explained.

Declining to go into detail about the impact the situation was having on her family, Smith stressed that it is indeed a hard time. She said they are holding out hope that her mother returns home safely.

Police have intensified their search for the missing woman but have come up empty handed. She has been missing for more than a week and police are also appealing to anyone with information pertaining to her whereabouts to come forward.

Her abandoned car was found on Chelston Park, Culloden Road, St Michael last Sunday.