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Deepening linkages with tourism

Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Authority (BHTA) Senator Rudy Grant  has assured that the tourism sector is constantly seeking to improve the island’s product.

Grant was speaking at the awards ceremony at the end of Barbados Dive Fest 2018, which ran from July 4 to July 8. The festival featured water awareness programs, scuba and free diving demonstrations and trials, beach cleanups, conservation tips, lionfish hunting and tasting, as well as scuba dives across the island.

Senator Rudy Grant

The BHTA CEO stressed that it was important for the tourism industry to not only examine opportunities inland but to also use the marine environment to improve the experiences of visitors and locals alike.

“There are opportunities for us to exploit the marine environment to enhance the visitor experience and particularly at a time when we speak about the challenges that we face as a country.

 We are going to continually focus on [this] and while [doing so, demonstrate] that we are able to enhance the competitiveness of Barbados as a destination,” said the senator.

Grant emphasized that it was important to strengthen the linkages between the tourism sector and the other industries in the country. He pointedly indicated that sub-sectors such as lionfish cuisine contributed to the island’s unique tourism offerings.

He added that the tourism and agricultural sectors could be further developed while mentioning the Inter-American Development Bank Multi-lateral Investment Fund Project which provides hotels in the islands with locally grown agricultural produce at affordable prices.

  “While that project focuses on ensuring that we are able to provide good agriculture produce in the right quantity [at] the right price for 15 hotels, it is important that we expand that and allow the elements of such a project to become the everyday actions for the industry, ensuring that we are continually able to bring other sectors along with the development of the tourism industry,” Grant stated.

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