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A satisfying six

Those who attended last Saturday’s Golden Soca at Sea Rocks Dome, Christ Church, could not escape the heat even if they wanted to. Even those who had no choice but to stand on the outside, since the auditorium was packed to capacity, felt the heat coming off the stage from the stellar line-up at this year’s annual event.

The show itself was nothing short of awesome. But the heat inside the venue forced many to make numerous trips outside either to cool down or simply to make their way to the bar.

The first half of the show saw some veterans doing their thing. Bongo sang Like it Or Lump It, Ronnie D did It’s A Paradise. It was great seeing Smokey Burke on stage for the first time since his health challenges. He sang Catastrophe and was well received by the crowd.

Ras Iley blazed the stage with Spring Garden on Fire and Inez, both of which both brought those seated to their feet. The massive was dancing, jumping and waving to the sounds of Mr Energy.

TC showed off her vocal skills with an acapella version of Kim and, as always, her Paradise had them grooving.

Matching or rivalling TC’s vocals was Biggie Irie who also serenaded the crowd by singing parts of Nah Going Home without music. He sang his 2019 song Magic, Pangkatang and This Thing Cyan Be Over. Skung Yung’s soca jam made them So Happy.

The second half was pure pace. Peter Ram hit the stage with Good Morning, Energy and All Ah We. RPB’s Boat Ride literally rocked the Dome. He also sang I Love It, Spontaneous, Something’s Happening and Alive.

Rameses Browne performed Stamina and All Circuits Are Busy before singing his 2019 hit Rameses — the song the people clearly came to hear.

Former calypso king, Blood, added to the already humid conditions since his “foot was on fire” by the time he hit the stage. He had the crowd jamming to Roll It and other hits.

But it was his former Square One bandmate Queen of Soca, Alison Hinds, who took things to another level. During a high-energy performance, she belted out tunes such as Iron Bazodee, Aye Aye Aye, DJ Ride, Roll It Gal, Raggamuffin and Faluma. But it was Togetherness which threw the crowd into a frenzied state. The diva then declared she would be celebrating her 50th birthday next year with a huge concert.

Edwin Yearwood further “pumped up” the crowd with Wet Me, Sak Passe, and Glue which was a special request. The entire Dome massive joined in the Sak Passe dance and what a spectacle it was. He was then joined by legend Grynner as they performed Groundation Road Mix. The General too even whipped about the heat when he said: “We are all here jamming under the same sun…”

Grynner then had the stage all for himself, much to the delight of the screaming crowd. He took them on a trip down memory lane with favourites such as Wait For Me, We Want More Grynner and Leggo I Hand.

Tune of the Crop winner Leadpipe & Saddis had the crowd singing along to his mega hit Sometime.

The live performances of the six-hour long show ended with the Hypa Dawg. Mr Crop Over danced and pranced as he sang Blessings, True Story, Can’t Style Me, Hard Wine and It Ain’t Me. But it was after he performed Jam Down that he became soaked in sweat from head to toe.

The show which started at 6 p.m. and ended close to midnight was a packed night of the best of the best of the season. It was also the perfect after Crop Over jam for a mature crowd and the overwhelming response to the event was proof of the quality of the show.

However, maybe it is time that BARP, the promoters of the event either sell a limited number of tickets for that venue or seek a new location. The massive crowd brought with it challenges of parking in an area surrounded by 24-hour businesses.

Some patrons parked as far away as the Maxwell Main Road and had to walk to the venue which could pose issues of safety. And while the show attracted some young folk, it is primarily an event for seniors. Seniors having to walk a great distance after standing for six hours is certainly not ideal. (IMC)

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