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Mekin’ sport

The string of Caribbean comedians and one comedienne kept a packed audience at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre in fits of laughter at the third annual Let Muh Laugh comedy show last Saturday night.

In a show that could be deemed moderately comical, Barbadians Rickardo Reid Jr, Nadia Phillips, Rum and Koke alongside Jamaican Chris Johnny Daley and Trinidadian Allan D Entertainer shared stories that were not only hilarious but absurd to the point that you could not help but laugh. The Market Vendor made a special guest appearance.

While taking jabs at politicians and celebrities, the line-up also shared comical family and village stories along with other life experiences. As expected, issues affecting the Caribbean both economically and socially including horning, homosexuality and violence were up for discussion.

The first half of the show saw Reid and Phillips take the stage with Reid speaking of mishaps at funerals, the exploits of his family – especially his uncle – who got him involved in entertainment. The NIFCA bronze, silver and gold medal winner and Daphne Joseph and Alfred Pragnell Awardee got a good response.

Meanwhile, Phillips, the lone female didn’t connect with the audience and she got very little response. She spoke of how the tough economic times were impacting on daily life before descending into the realm of bowel movements and nose picking. The topics did not resonate with some audience members who started clapping during her performance.   

However, Emcee Mac Fingall who from the start of the show kept the laughs coming also held the show together between performances telling his stories in his usual hilarious manner and engaging in banter with the audience.

Of note was an interview of the Market Vendor, done by Rebecca Fernandes of Corridor News Network. The wide-ranging interview revealed what he would do if he were Prime Minister including changing the names of several government agencies and his views on the most dangerous weapon in Barbados, which incidentally was a cutlass. The Market Vendor who had his bucket said it contained notes of things he would not like to forget and a wealth of other information.

Representing Trinidad, Allan D Entertainer who would amend some of the Ten Commandments if he could, said they would come with serious consequences if not adhered to. He said if he could change the commandments, individuals who lie would fart, for those who steal their arms would get shorter and those who commit adultery would walk with bow legs; he envisioned how some politicians would look if it were so.

He was joined by Chris Johnny Daley who told stories of his homeland Jamaica and the dancehall scene there. Entertainer Ding Dong’s one word songs bore the brunt of his assault while the many tales of his interactions with his wife were well received.

Local talent Rum and Koke gave commentary of a game of the Caribbean Political League (CPL), a version of the cricket league. They noted how the former captain was extremely quiet during his stint but how the new captain was leading from the front, at times bowling and batting at the same time. The receptive and almost full to capacity audience cheered and laughed loudly with almost everyone remaining seated until the curtain closed on the show around midnight. (LK)

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